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Jeannette R. Geter

Philadelphia City Council, District 4

"I'm listening now, and I'll be listening in City Hall."

Democratic Write-in Candidate on May 21, 2019


Be A Part Of My Story

Philadelphia is my home. I was born and raised in the City, and this is a place that will always be a part of my life story. I have fond childhood memories, my ancestors chose this place to make their home when they travelled up from the South, and I have built great relationships with neighbors and community members.


I grew up in the Wynnefield section of Philadelphia, where I spent time, a lot of time, at the public library, learned Tae Kwan Do at the John Anderson Cultural Center, studied at Settlement Music School, and practiced running regularly on the track of St. Joseph's University. I attended the Sharon Baptist Church, learned to drive on Chamounix Drive, rowed on the Schuylkill river with my high school crew team.


After graduating from the Baldwin School, I studied at Haverford College, and then the University of Chicago. I got my first management job at UCSEP’s Beacon program at Bok High School, then started a small business, and until recently worked as a social worker at Delaware County’s Children and Youth Services, CYS.


My work at CYS developed my passion for reforming the child welfare system so that it helps the children. Children are often discounted and ignored leaving them vulnerable. However, they have an important perspective on education, gun violence, family stability, mental health and substance use and recovery. Children must be empowered and have their voices heard if there is ever going to be a significant change. How we treat our most vulnerable, what resources we give them, shapes our future and the future of Philadelphia.


My Community

I serve on the 19th PPD/District Attorney’s Youth Aid Panel, am a member of the Papa Playground Advisory Council, am involved with the Health Center 4, and a new member of the Friends of the Overbrook Park Library. I also help review grant applications for art programs in the City every year.


In addition to community activities, I am a proud member of Philly CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) and serve on the AFL-CIO’s Young Organized Worker group as Recording Secretary. I also served as an elected member of my SEIU 668’s Executive Board, Children and Youth Committee, and Chapter 10 Treasurer.


I am involved in so many activities because I was raised with a commitment to public service, and youth empowerment, and I strongly believe that one needs to start in their own backyard when trying to make change.

Why Jeannette Geter? Why Now?

I love Philadelphia and I want the best for my city and all of its residents, but loving and wishing is not enough. Change requires ideas, listening, passion, hard work and creativity. As a social worker, I’ve had to help clients navigate through difficult situations with a lack of resources. I’ve had to be creative about how to make change, and know that it is hard even when people want to make change.


I believe that in a city that is mighty yet scarred, 1.5 million people find a way to join with their neighbors to do good for their community.  Despite differences, they all want the best for themselves and their families. Our government officials need to reflect this same passion for community and increase transparency so that residents are hopeful not hopeless.


I know that I am in a unique position as a community member, union member and a social worker to creatively address neighbors’ concerns, like our food insecurity, homelessness, economic injustices and gun violence. I’m running for City Council to save my Philadelphia.

"If you stand for nothing...what'll you fall for?"

-Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda



Engaging youth in positive activities provides stability, a safe haven and access to food, and decreases the amount of time spent “in the streets”. Supporting and enhancing traditional youth development activities- PAL, Phila Parks and Recreation, FLP non-profit and school based programming and youth employment opportunities.


  • School-based civic education only goes so far when youth aren't actively engaging in the political process. 17 and 18year olds are left out of the conversation, even though they are the future of our community.  They don’t always know when they can register to vote, how often to vote and how to figure out who to vote for in an election. Therefore, I intend to have at least one youth summit to ensure voter registration and civic education.


  • Children’s rights are very often ignored, they aren’t always educated, staff may mistreat them intentionally, ignore their needs and even those with best intentions make horrible mistakes. While the State and US government are also responsible, the City of Philadelphia can still make sure that our children are receiving the best care in a comfortable environment, receive appropriate treatment education and can have fun and feel a part of the community.


  • Improvements are desperately needed in substitute care (the child welfare system, residential and inpatient mental health programs and juvenile justice system).



  • Ensure that Philadelphia continues to work with the Wissahickon Creek Water Partnership and enforcing current and future legislation to protect our drinking water.

  • Make sure that the Philadelphia Land Bank  and REBUILD work for our communities.

  • Climate Change and Global Warming will affect all parts of the City, but what is the plan to address the extreme weather conditions and provide protections for our residents on fixed and limited incomes.

  • Support community gardens and the neighborhood Parks and Recreations volunteer programs.

  • Protect neighborhoods from overdevelopment and guarantee that there are appropriate amounts of green spaces and environmental safeguards for new construction and existing institutions with large footprints.


  • Better fund Parks and Recreation programs and maintain partnerships with the Fairmount Park Conservancy, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and the Friends of Wissahickon Valley.


Philadelphia is rich with green sanctuaries, from thriving community vegetable gardens to botanical history projects. The City also boasts many Parks& Recreation Friends groups, volunteer trail maintenance teams, and neighbors invested in our waterways (Schuylkill River, Wissahickon Creek, Darby Creek, Mishon Creek). The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America just released a report that indicates that Philadelphia is ranked sixth in the nation for asthma-related deaths and is the fourth worst city in the Nation to live for asthma- sufferers. Special attention needs to be paid to the quality of our air and how increasing the tree canopy and other measures can ease the suffering of residents and visitors. Research also shows that urban areas with maintained green spaces have decreases in crime, which is plaguing our city. Green spaces also correlate to fewer episodes of depression. Flourishing community gardens also serve as a way that residents can supplement their food supply. This is especially important because 22% of our residents are food insecure, a social travesty that exists across all sections of the City.


Chip in Today.

Geter in Action

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658 North 63rd Street

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Philadelphia, PA 19151


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